Mediation & Arbitration

Regardless of your dispute or disagreement, mediation and arbitration offers the possibility of discovering an efficient solution quickly. There can be more to gain than there is to risk. Anything discussed during the mediation process is confidential. And depending on your preferences and choices, the outcome you arrive can be non-binding.

When compared to costs associated with going to court over an extended period of time, mediation is a relatively inexpensive option. Finding an appropriate middle ground with a skilled mediator at a reasonable cost is a win for everyone involved.

Due to the nature of these disputes, they often occur between people who have close ties to one another. These could have developed inside of a business or a home. Business owners who have disagreements with vendors or employees may need to maintain these relationships. Mediation offers a way for people to come together to work towards finding a solution that doesn’t have to come at the expense of one person or party.

Instead of waiting for a verdict, mediation and arbitration allows you to listen, negotiate, and make counter offers. It is a proactive process that may give you everything you wanted without the added pressure or cost of going to trial.