Real Estate (Commercial & Residential)

Jayaraman Law advises people who buy and sell homes, investment properties, or commercial real estate—and we are here to assist you. These experiences should be celebrations. Regardless of the transaction, we pride ourselves on open, honest communication throughout the entire process.

Let us support you throughout the process so you don’t drown in the legal aspects of the purchase or sale.

We understand the importance of feeling like your attorney is not only advocating on your behalf but is also working closely with you to understand your goals.


Real estate litigation can be time-consuming and financially draining. Both of which become exponentially worse if you are in the middle of a dispute without professional representation. 

Three of the most common causes of real estate litigation are a breach of contract, failure to disclose property defects, and negligence or breach of duty. There are many other reasons why you might need a lawyer to represent and advise you through a real estate dispute. 

Jayaraman Law will support you through the legal process of real estate litigation. Protect yourself, safeguard your rights, and invest in your future by choosing professional legal counseling.