Big Tech Litigation

Defending the Underdog in the Digital Age

In a world dominated by powerful tech companies, individuals and businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage in legal disputes. Jayaraman Law emerges as a beacon of hope, offering experienced and affordable legal representation to those facing daunting battles against these tech giants.

Our Landmark Case: Taking on Google

Our firm’s dedication to defending the rights of entities of any size is best exemplified by our landmark case against Google, a tech behemoth with a market value exceeding $1100 billion. This David-versus-Goliath scenario, led by attorney Shekar Jayaraman, showcases our commitment to justice and equality.

The Case at a Glance

  • The Issue: Google wrongfully barred our client from advertising on their platform, significantly harming their business operations.
  • Our Approach: Jayaraman Law filed a lawsuit against Google for tortious interference with contractual relations and breach of contract, challenging one of the world’s largest companies.
  • The Outcome: This case underlines our resolve to stand up for businesses unjustly targeted by larger corporations.

Honorable Mention – Mike Rankin

Mike is a top business consultant who collaborated with the Jayaraman Law team on this case. His expert business advice was instrumental in securing the positive results that we were able to achieve. Below is a summary of Mike’s unmatched experience:
  • Versatile Legal and Leadership Expertise: Over 44 years, Mike Rankin has excelled as a practicing attorney, providing legal guidance and serving as General Counsel, demonstrating a profound understanding of legal intricacies in various sectors (technology, commercial real estate, retail market support, wireless  telecommunications infrastructure, business centered civil litigation, energy and supporting innovation in the private & public sectors).
  • Dynamic Business and Public Sector Consultant: His role as a business consultant has been marked by strategic insights and innovative approaches, significantly impacting both private enterprises and public organizations through his deep engagement and leadership. This includes leading complex technology driven service organizations, transportation planning and improving service delivery for state & local govt. service providers.
  • Proven Senior Leadership in Diverse Arenas: Mike’s journey has seen him in pivotal private & public sector senior leadership roles, skillfully navigating the complexities of the public and private sectors and helping others do the same, business & relationship development, service on public & non-profit boards of directors, driving organizational success, smart transformations, and fostering trusted advisory relationships.

Why Choose Jayaraman Law for Tech Litigation?

  • Deep Understanding of Tech Disputes: Our experience with major tech companies equips us with unique insights into handling such complex cases.
  • Affordable Legal Services: We believe in providing top-notch legal representation without the exorbitant costs typically associated with large law firms.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Our focus is quickly identifying effective resolutions tailored to your needs and circumstances.
  • Proven Track Record: Our success in high-profile cases, like the one against Google, demonstrates our capability and determination.

Our Services in Tech Litigation

Jayaraman Law is well-versed in various aspects of litigation against tech companies, including but not limited to:

  • Contractual disputes and breaches
  • Tortious interference and unfair business practices
  • Defending the rights of entities of any size against wrongful actions by tech giants

Empowering You Against Tech Goliaths

At Jayaraman Law, we understand the challenges faced when going against large tech corporations. Our mission is to level the playing field, providing you with the legal support to navigate these complex disputes. Stand with us, and let’s fight for your rights.