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If you choose to live without having an estate plan, you may be leaving a significant burden for your family to untangle and manage. Even leaving behind basic assets such as a bank account, a car, and a home, can quickly escalate into problems to be sorted out through probate litigation. 

When you don’t create a will, the state marshals your assets and distributes them according to the law rather than your wishes. In the absence of specific instructions and guidance, your wishes will not be heard—and you will not influence where your possessions go. 

The Power of Being Proactive with Estate Planning explains the benefits of being proactive with your estate planning now. You will understand the risks and potential consequences of not creating one. This report includes:

  • The purpose behind estate planning
  • The two Cs
  • Asset protection
  • How planning avoids conflict 
  • And much more!

This free resource is yours to use. Should you have any further questions or would like to meet with an estate planning attorney, contact Jayaraman Law here.  


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