Outside General Counsel & Business Law

Each client has different business law needs. Jayaraman Law provides professional legal advice for everyone from small startup ventures to large businesses. We are more than outside counsel—we will partner with you as your business moves towards success.

Business Planning

We assist businesses of all sizes with their legal matters. Because of our experience, you can depend on us to deliver a customized strategy to overcome your unique challenges. 

Don’t face legal obstacles because of incomplete or erroneous contracts. Allow us to draft the documents you need to start your business—along with guidance on independent contractor agreements. Count on us to be your advocate for long-term success. 

Dedicate your valuable time towards identifying new business opportunities and serving your existing client base. Jayaraman Law will handle the legal issue that would otherwise disrupt you from reaching your goals. 

Corporate Governance

High-growth technology companies have specific requirements for drafting paperwork. We take pride in our ability to offer advice and create documents to protect yourself and your business’ intellectual property.

Startup ventures often work on tight budgets, but competent legal assistance is paramount. This is one of the reasons we offer a flat rate option. We also offer a subscription service for some of our clients for corporate governance guidance. Other areas where we provide professional service and representation:

  • Non-disclosure documents
  • Trademark protection
  • Venture capital financing contracts

Your level of legal protection is our priority. Your business should be built on a solid foundation that we are capable of providing. The stronger your base, the less likely you are to face legal challenges later.