PRESS RELEASE: Jayaraman Law Fights Google On Behalf Of Small Business– Google Ordered to Remedy Immediately

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 10, 2023 – – If you’re finding that your business or livelihood is hanging in the balance because a much larger company is unlawfully impacting your operations, then you might want to talk to the lawyers & experts at Jayaraman Law. The Chicago-based law firm of Jayaraman Law, LLC (“Jayaraman Law” or “Jayaraman”) concluded and won a three-year binding arbitration case against Google, LLC (“Google”) – a company estimated to be worth over $1100 billion in 2022.

Unlike Google’s counsel on record (one of the world’s largest law firms), Jayaraman Law is a small, nimble, and experienced business & litigation law firm helmed by attorney Shekar Jayaraman. Jayaraman Law saved its client’s successful business from possible extinction.

Although most small businesses may feel that they do not have the time, financial resources, or legal team to fight entities like Google, Jayaraman Law won on behalf of its client by advancing compelling legal & factual arguments supported by an accomplished expert witness. This David-versus-Goliath story resembles something you would see on TV or in a movie, but it happened—and it begins with Jayaraman Law advocating for another one of its many small business clients without the big law firm costs.

Despite being a statutory and contractually authorized agent to perform government services for the State of California, Jayaraman Law’s client was denied its long-standing ability to place online ads with Google. The end result was pushing the client to almost going out of business. Google controls approximately 90% or so of worldwide online searches.

Jayaraman’s win over Google involved a client who is a small tech & service delivery company running a basic—but highly profitable—small business serving California residents. Jayaraman’s client was instrumental to the process until the business discovered Google shut it out of its online advertising capabilities. Though Google is a privately owned business, it can be argued that it has evolved into a public utility because it owns and controls 90% or so of the online search engine advertising space.

When we, as consumers, attempt to find the best possible products or services, we almost always first go to Google, and rely heavily on companies that appear there through paid advertisements. This ability to advertise online was stricken from Jayaraman’s client. That decision is often a death knell to just about any business with an online presence.

Google stripped Jayaraman’s client of the ability to advertise its services because Google viewed the business as deceptive, even though it is a fully licensed, bonded, and appeared on the State of California’s own website as an authorized delegated provider of government services to customers of the state of California. Google argued that people would believe that Jayaraman Law’s client was the government agency despite evidence to the contrary.

Jayaraman Law filed an action against Google for among other things, tortious interference with contractual relations, antitrust and breach of contract. To back their decision to bar Jayaraman’s client from using their platform, Google was represented by one of the world’s largest law firms. During this arbitration Jayaraman’s client was being driven toward financial ruin by an entity and legal team with the power to do so.

In the end, after extensive motion practice, the use of a highly qualified expert witness, and a full arbitration in person in Sacramento, California, an Arbitrator issued a lengthy Order stating ultimately that Google breached its own Contract with Jayaraman’s client by failing to run its advertisements. Google was Ordered to reinstate Jayaraman’s client immediately. Because Jayaraman’s client was the unequivocal prevailing party in this case, Google was ordered to also pay all administrative and filing fees for this matter. Google’s own contract required the matter be submitted to AAA arbitration.

About Jayaraman Law – Jayaraman Law was founded in 2018 by Shekar Jayaraman. They are based out of Chicago and assist clients nationally with the help of select local counsel and experts on business law, estate planning, technology and real estate matters.

The firm utilizes, where and when needed, experienced experts. Ones who have a proven track record of helping evaluate client claims or defenses associated with efforts to resolve disputes short of litigation or with litigation. The firm is able to evaluate and assist its clients whether the same involves: technology, advertising, real property, estate litigation or business acquisition or business disputes.

The Jayaraman Law firm represents clients throughout the United States with assistance from local counsel when needed. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Mr. Jayaraman may be reached at PH. 312.722.6596 or at

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