PRESS RELEASE: Jayaraman Law Fights Google On Behalf Of Small Business– Google Ordered to Remedy Immediately

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 10, 2023 - - If you’re finding that your business or livelihood is hanging in the balance because a much larger company is unlawfully impacting your operations, then you might want to talk to the lawyers & experts at Jayaraman Law. The Chicago-based law firm of Jayaraman Law, LLC (“Jayaraman Law” or “Jayaraman”) concluded and won a three-year binding arbitration case against Read More

The Double Rule of 5: Navigating Life with Clarity and Fulfillment

With its technological marvels and ceaseless demands, the modern era often leaves individuals grappling for a sense of purpose and direction. Amidst this chaos, the double rule of 5 emerges as a beacon, illuminating a path to a more profound existence. Recognizing that the world doesn't just operate on surface-level commitments is vital. Depth and specificity in our values ground us and help distinguish us in an Read More

High-Growth Companies and Corporate Governance

High-growth companies are growth-oriented. These organizations experience rapid and substantial increases in revenue, market share, and expansion in a relatively short time. Generally, they outpace other companies regarding revenue growth and market value appreciation. These traits create unique challenges. Managing the rapid expansion  Maintaining financial stability Attracting & retaining talent Adapting Read More

Estate Litigation: When To Seek Legal Counsel

This can be a delicate and overwhelming matter because it involves complex legal issues, litigation, and the passing of a loved one. In many instances, it can also entail some intense, in-family fighting. At its core, probate and estate litigation center around a deceased person’s assets, how they are distributed, and settling financial affairs. And any of which can lead to disputes and conflicts. Because of how Read More

Legal Considerations For Beginning A Business

Five million new businesses were launched last year. That is a staggering number even when compared to statistics before Covid. (The Census Bureau estimated that 2022 marked a 42% increase when measured against pre-pandemic data.) Many people may shy away from becoming an entrepreneur simply because it isn’t part of their career aspirations. Others may think they can’t become one. As eager as they are to begin, they Read More

Estate Planning Considerations For Business Owners

Previously, when we discussed estate planning, we discussed how many people quickly dismiss it because they think they don’t have enough assets. To dispel that myth, we pointed out attorney Shekar Jayaraman leases his car, rents his apartment, and yet, there are several reasons why he would need an estate plan. That blog addressed how estate planning is critical because anyone can become incapacitated. Today, we will Read More

Developing Grit & Resilience

Let’s take a moment and discuss soft skills. For those who have never been introduced to this phrase, soft skills are the core competencies you must possess to succeed on a team, as an entrepreneur, or within your workplace. To give you an idea of how most people approach them, think about the last time you looked at the skills section of a job posting. On it, you likely saw a list of desirable traits the company or Read More

For Those Who Want To Invest In Property

Investing in real estate is a common and worthwhile investment to consider. Pursuing one may provide tax advantages and additional revenue streams. Although it requires a somewhat lengthy explanation, it is also a form of protection against inflation. One of the pitfalls is that many assume they are already in the real estate market or business. In other words, if you own a house, you are familiar with home-buying. Read More

The Value Of Title Insurance

When you buy or sell a home here in Chicago, you will likely be part of a New York Style Closing. Because that may cause a small amount of confusion, allow us to clarify. A New York Style Closing is when the buyer, seller, their attorneys, and a title insurance representative meet to sign and execute the closing documents and transfer the appropriate funds. The important takeaway is that your attorney will be with Read More

Let’s Get On The Same Page About Estate Planning

Honestly, let’s clarify that we understand estate planning is a slightly dry topic. However, we try to make it fun because, as unexciting as it may be, that doesn’t make it any less important. The most challenging aspect of estate planning (at least in terms of how people view it) is accepting that it isn’t only for the rich and famous. Nothing could be further from the truth. When in doubt, just assume that estate Read More